Dutch Mill Save World Project

With a sense of concern caring for the environment to save the world with the beginning within campaign to stimulate environmental awareness to employees at all levels within the organization. Focused on the use of resources and energy efficiency, effective Minimize waste, reduce waste and activities within the organization. And support the activities of the network ongoing environmental.

Dutch Mill Group initiated a "Dutch Mill Save World" campaign to stimulate awareness of the environment for staff at all levels within the organization. We focused on the efficiency in using resources and energy. The effective reducing of the wastes to build the green world concept is 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink), by the emphasis on serious actions and starting with a simple things around us before extension to the wider society.

Corporate Green Projects include :

  • Energy saving
  • Paperless office
  • Reducing waste from production processes and biogas from food scraps
  • Reducing garbage by sorting types of garbage at given recycle points
  • Energy-effective usage of fuel in transportation systems

In addition, Dutch Mill consistently supports and participates in external activities of environmental protection networks, including :

  • Paper for Trees Project: used paper donation for recycling
  • Green Roof Project of Princess Pa Foundation, Thai Red Cross Society
  • “84 million kilogrammes of Garbage for Recycle” as a tribute to His Majesty’s 84th birthday celebration.