Product Technology

High Quality at Every Step Ensuring "Food Safety"

      One of the key factors behind the success of Dutch Mill has been its dedication to high quality at every step of the whole production process, from dairy farm to milk transfer station, transportation, raw milk quality assurance procedures, production processes, packaging, and through distribution to customers. Every step is closely monitored to ensure that it complies with HACCP and GMP standards, thereby effectively guaranteeing that the product are free of chemical, physical and biological contamination.

      Dutch Mill has also implemented a unique quality control scheme, comprising

1. Quality control and development of raw materials at source
2. Pro-process real-time inspection
3. Finished product quality inspection before factory delivery
4. Capability to inspect product quality of every lot via referred merchandise or quality control logs

All this assures Dutch Mill’s customers of the wholesomeness of its fresh, high quality, safe, and hygienic milk products.