Corporate Social 
Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility :

      With a commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Dutch Mill has continually participated in many activities and projects to contribute to society.

Dutch Mill - part of good society

    We, as a Thai company and subsidiary, are aware of our social and environmental responsibility. We believe that we cannot grow strong without a good society and healthy environment. With this in mind, the company continually implements various corporate social responsibility programmes that improve the quality of life of Thai people in different areas.

For good society

      Good companionship with Thai communities :
          Dutch Mill assists Thai dairy farmers to develop high quality of raw milk and purchases dairy products from them at fair prices. Moreover, our Dutch Mill and Delight Ladies programs have created jobs for local people across the country.

      Care for our people :
          Dutch Mill attributes great importance to human resource development, Our staff live well with a sense of pride to work for a good organisation.

      Care for customers :
          Dutch Mill has a strong commitment to produce premium-quality, hygienic, safe and tasty dairy products to ensure the good health of consumers.

For economic prosperity

      Dutch Mill Co., Ltd. is a Thai-owned company that is well-recognised at international level. We are proud of our role in supporting the dairy industry that was bestowed by His Majesty the King and of aleading supplier of Thai dairy products to the world.

Save the World

      Dutch Mill puts great effort into creating and cultivating green values and behaviours from within the organisation.