About Research Center

      Dutch Mill International Research Center (DIRC) was established to develop innovative dairy products that focus on promoting health and wellness of consumer. The products are produced using world-class manufacturing standards. More than 30 researchers and scientists are involved in conducting basic and applied dairy research that explores the functional, flavor and physical properties of milk products using different ingredients. These researchers assist in developing dairy products that will exceed consumer expectations while providing customers with a safe, wholesome product.

Dutch Mill International Research Center

  1. Education and Scientific Exchange
      Research and Development are the core activities of the institute. Scientists at DIRC conduct fundamental and advanced research targeted at the improvement of the existing products in terms of sensory, flavor, texture and also on the development of novel products thus meeting the requirements of the consumers. Currently, priority research is undertaken in the following areas:
        Functional foods
        Beneficial microorganisms
        Clinical Research
        Food safety

  2. Education and Scientific Exchange
      Through these programs, training courses, seminars, symposium, workshops and conferences are organized to information. promote the exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of health and nutrition information. These are held by the internal scientists or experts are called in to educatethe scientists about the latest trend and science that is going on in the scientific world.